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Investor Alert System (IAS)

Here is the great article on our product in the name of “Investor Alert System” which is shortly quoting as “IAS”. Every Individual whether he/she is taking the career either as a working professional or student or business man or house wife or in any service of activity. Everybody needs money and wants to earn more. There are several ways to earn more money. All the ways must be legal, economic investment or without investment but to gain huge profit margin. Among the various options of earning more money, investments are the best way to earn with very less work. The requirements for investments are Capital (some amount of money as per your capacity), exploring the various options of investment, and tracking the investments to harvest the gain at right time.

Here, your capital amount need not have to match any requirement unless the investment fund makes any stipulation on accepting your investment. A complete free choice is given and there are many investment agents available in India to facilitate you to invest in a scheme. While at the time of investment one should explore the various options which are not completely available at one desk. This stage needs guidance from expertise people who are practicing in India. The next stage after investment is tracking the investment to harvest the gain at the right time. Here are some of the common questions on tracking the investments.

How to track my investment?
Can my investment agent help on tracking my portfolio?
How will I get to know the right time of taking profit from the investment?
How much time (daily or weekly or monthly) should I have to spend to track my investments?
What are the modes of tracking investments (website/portal, SMS, Phone call, Email, visit to office)?

We at Nirvig Business Solutions, giving you a clear solution for your above questions and make you convenient to track your investments. We help you on your investments in Mutual Funds and Shares to track its performance.

There are around 45 mutual fund houses in India. The number of mutual fund houses varying depending on the functions or merging with other Mutual Fund houses. One can invest in any or some of or all of these mutual funds after screening the performance of the MF schemes. Every mutual fund houses track their own performance and such details are available to public in the name of Net Asset Value (NAV). Number of units purchased by you in mutual funds multiplied by the NAV is your market value of investment. When the market value is greater than your investment value in the specific sector you get gain; in the reverse case you get loss.

Just similar to the Mutual Fund, shares also have the same nature of calculation to know the gain / loss. There are only few differences between MF and Shares. Mainly they are:- Mutual fund investments can be done in fractional units to use the full amount of your decided investment amount. Where as in Shares, you can pay the investment amount to the number of round unit value. It is the decision of the mutual fund managers to diversity the amount you invested, where as in Shares, it is purely your decision and play the market in your hand.

Though the risk of market in shares and Mutual Funds are there with both of these modes, the risk at MF is less as compared with Shares. This is because that your investment in MF is managed by the portfolio manager appointed to the MF scheme. He manages the fund and give a portion of the profit to you through fixing the NAV. Here the growth rate is less compared to Shares as the profit on investment is shared with MF scheme offices also. Similarly the loss on MF also can be less as the MF manager diversifies the investment amount in different other schemes as well. In Share market investments, you are the king and you are the only person who can decide where to invest and how much to invest and you take all the profits or losses as the case may be.

Now you got a basic idea about the investments in Shares and Mutual funds. Here comes the complex and inconvenient stage to track the investments.

Tracking the investments is bit complex and inconvenient for those who are not in full time profession in their investment business, but Nirvig Business Solutions makes your job much easier to track your investments. You can be at any job where you are busy with your own profession and use of electronic media may not be allowed in your work place. You may not have time to look back your investments. You may not have knowledge to check on the status of your investments. Mutual Funds (MFs), Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE) are may be new to your knowledge or skill; you may be completely unaware of investments in these.

Leave the worry to us. We are here to help you tracking Share market and Mutual fund market investments. You can get the alerts or statement of your investments in your email on daily basis. As now days the emails checking facility is on your mobile phones too, you can get the statement in your hand right away without any effort of analyzing through the market. Get complete relief from phone calls, SMS messages and the burden of allotting time to track your investments.

Here are the features of this service.

Online investments tracking (You get access to our online page to track all your investments)
Flexible frequency of bulletin statement (Daily/ Weekly/ Fortnightly/ Monthly/ Quarterly)
Statement comes in PDF format to your email
Covers BSE, NSE and all Mutual Fund houses in India
Up to 100 investments for alert and unlimited for online tracking
Free membership and online facility
No need to search through separate sites for tracking
Email address can be changed at any time on your won
No deposit or De-mat account required
Track your investments from anywhere in the world
Go digital, go electronic. No paper works, No phone calls
Costs much cheaper than your regular cost for tracking

Click here to start subscribing our services. You can get the lifetime free membership number instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set the frequency at any intervals of my choice like once in 3 days or once in 10 days or 20 days etc?
No. Frequency can be set only at the preset intervals.
Can I change the frequency after some time?
Yes. You can change the frequency any time you want.
Is there any additional charge for online access, add or removal of investments or change of frequency?
No. We do not levy any hidden charge. Your subscription charge through the order is the only and final till the expiry of that order unless otherwise specifically mentioned.
Can I get the alert in paper copy mailed to my postal address?
Yes. You can get the paper copy of your investment statement posted to your registered address. However this facility is chargeable at Rs. 100 for each set of 10 pages and fraction thereof for one post within India. Email us to know the charges for the posts to overseas countries.
What should I do if the email statement is not reaching me?
Check your email settings.
Check your email inbox size whether it reached to the maximum size allotted by your email server.
Check whether your email server is allowing receiving emails with attachments and from third parties.
Check your email address is validated in Nirvig’s website. This can be checked in your online access in Nirvig.
Check your subscription order is active with Nirvig for this IAS facility.
Check and ensure you have added your investments for alert system.
I have added my investments into my order in online screen, but still I am not receiving the alert statement?
You have to add your investments for IAS alert facility to receive / include in alert statement.
How many investments I can include in alert statement?
Currently the number of items to include in alert statement is limited to 100. However there is no limit to include the items into your order.
Can I see the latest values of my investments in my online access?
Yes. You can see all of your investments in your online access which are added into your order.
Can I edit the investment items once after I added into my order?
Yes. You can edit the quantity, remove the items from IAS alert or delete the items from your order and change the frequency of alert.
Can I set multiple frequencies like ‘Daily’ for some of the items and ‘Weekly” for some other items?
Yes. Your frequency set can be varied for each of the items.
Can I get the market update of foreign country markets?
No. Currently the alert can be subscribed for the investments in India only.
I am a NRI. Can I subscribe this facility?
Yes. Nirvig-IAS facility can be subscribed by any person.
How do subscriptions can be availed by non-individuals (like Firms, Societies, and Companies etc.)?
Subscription can be availed by non-individuals also. Alert statement will be sent to the registered email address.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Write an email to requesting to cancel the subscription. However the subscription charge cannot be withdrawn for the remainder of the period unless otherwise specifically agreed earlier.
How do I claim my refund which is as per the offer or as agreed by Nirvig?
Login to online access. Use refund claim option to claim your refund. Keep the reference number for your records. Refund will be processed within 7 working days.
How to claim RRP?
RRP can be claimed as discount codes through your online access.
Who can use the discount code?
Discount codes can be used by any person. Preserve it securely.
I referred my friend for Nirvig’s subscription, but my RRP is not credited.
Ensure your friend has used your ID while he registers his subscription request. Your account must be active to get your RRP point credited into your account. Missed RRP cannot be reclaimed later at any circumstances.
When will I get my membership number?
You will get your membership number immediately on submitting membership request form online. Keep your lifetime membership number preserved for future use.
How to place my order for subscription?
If you are newly registering for your membership, your order is automatically generated by the system for the selected service.
If you are already a registered member and want to place an order for IAS facility, use your online access and place your order from online screen.
When will my order get processed and activated?
Orders will be processed and activated upon successful receipt of subscription charge.
How to make subscription payment?
Payments can be made through cash at our Chennai office or a Cheque / Demand Draft favoring “Nirvig Business Solutions” payable to Chennai can be mailed to our Chennai office. Alternately the payments can also be directly deposited into the bank and the details can be e-mailed to for further processing. Online payment also can be made at the page
How to ensure my payment is successful?
On a successful payment, you will get an e-receipt emailed to your registered email address. Cash payments can get a manual receipts.

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