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Welcome to the digital management system for your corporate cab arrangements.

Having the corporate bloom in the country, with tremendous developments in the business, man power management is utmost important for the continuing success. One of the greatest challenges is the cab arrangement for the employees. There are numerous cab service providers in the country; however, aligning them with the needs of the corporate and to the satisfaction of the employees is a big task that needs extensive planning and allocated resource. Handling this challenge is now made easy with us our digital service called “Corporate Cab Management” (CCM). We from Nirvig Business Solutions offer an online facility to manage the daily needs of cab arrangements.

Below diagram explains our service from server side program.

Below are the features of our service.

• Complete Online Interface - The portal is available online. It can be accessable by all the employees, HR department and the cab agents of the client companies. No separate application / software need to be downloaded. The intrface portal is accessable from any computer, laptop, ipad, smartphones and tablets.

• Assuring Confidential and Secure data - All the data that is dealt within our portal are assured having highest security as to confidential information. We do not share or use the corporate details or database with third parties. Hence assuring 100% security of details shared with us.

• User-friendly and convenient navigation - Our portal is designed in such a way as to meet the client expection and providing user-friendly tools to manage the cab arrangements. This includes generating reports and tracking the cab requests.

• Three dimensional interface - Our online tool comes with three dimensional interface that covers the operations from Human Resources department who can coordinate and manage the entire operations with ultimate powers within the organization. Cab service providers and Employees are the end users who deal in the cab operations.

Portal access is available to all the three categories of people in the client organization to update the request, tracking details and control monitoring from their part.

• Complete control over operations - The online portal gives complete control to all the three divisions involved. Employees can make the cab requests and track or cancel the requests. Human Resources team members can approve, monitor and control the cab arrangement operations and the Cab agents can check the request details and allot cabs accordingly. All the details are captured in the online system. Hence providing complete tracking and control over the bussiness.

• 24 x 7 Service - The Corporate Cab Management portal is available any time and any day. No blockage timing. This provides convenience of availing the tool facilities at any time round the clock at any day.

• Access to Unlimited employees - This online tool can be used for any number of employees and agents. No limit on the count of records.

• Low Cost with Special offers - We offer this service at a very competitive price. It is an annual subscription at a notional cost. No hidden charges or fees apart from the offered and agreed price. You may please contact us at our phone: +91-7200590522 or write to for getting the quote and for any further details about this service.

• No paper work - Our service of Corporate Cab Management is completely operating at electronic mode. We do not entertain paper processings. This ensures your convenient of availing this service from anywhere in the world. All further updates also been enabled in our portal to update online.

• Quick and easy enrollment - Enrolling and availing this service is so quick and very easy. It takes only couple of minutes to make your digitalized administration of your daily cab management arrangements with our Corporate Cab Management porgal service. Just read on our terms and conditions as below and agree to it for getting the online form. On submission of your online form with your corporate details, you will get your corporate login name and administration password for immediate login.

All our service and features are designed in such a way that gives maximum satisfaction to the clients.

Terms and Conditions of agreement between Nirvig Business Solutions and Client Corporate for the online subscription of Corporate Cab Management

1. Nirvig will verify its client details for assurance of legitimacy and to confirm their subscription. Acceptance of a firm/corporate as client of Nirvig is at sole discretion of Nirvig. Nirvig at no circumstances bound to accept a firm/corporate as its client.
2. All of the subscription plans are irrevocable by the client during the tenure of the subscription period. However the subscription can be revoked by Nirvig on its discretion at any point of time during the subscription tenure, but with at least one month prior notice to the client.
3. Subscription expiry date will be communicated in the initial welcome email. Nirvig may or may not send reminder emails / calls to the client for renewal of subscription.
4. Renewal of subscription is at the interest of the members only. Nirvig will not renew the subscription until the customers make a request to renew. Acceptance of renewal or extension of service period is at sole discretion of Nirvig.
5. Subscription fee will be at no circumstances be refunded unless it is cancelled/revoked by Nirvig.
6. Subscription will be construed as subscribed only upon successful receipt and acceptance of stipulated subscription fee.
7. Nirvig and its staff are bound to render the services in professional manner within the discipline and legitimacy in compliance with the applicable laws of Government. Clients are requested to adhere to this compliance while dealing with Nirvig.
8. Please refer to the specific offer/ advertisement/ or contact us to know the services offered by Nirvig. These charges may vary for each customers based on the nature, volume, service type and the location.
9. The detailed service details can be obtained from the Admin team of Nirvig upon mentioning your requirement.
10. Any fee offered by us are subject to increase by the respective taxes as per prevailing rules in India. Fees/ charges are subject to reassessment and negotiation based on the request of clients / customers. Fee in actual may be lesser or higher than the offered chart based on each requests. Executives at Nirvig will re-assess and decide the actual fee or charges and that will be informed to the customers well in advance before start rendering the service. The normal practice of volume based fee is applicable for all our clients. The fee structure if any so offered are valid for a period of 3 months.
11. Any specific requirements which may or may not be exactly matching with offered service as per our quote, those can be requested directly to Admin Department of Nirvig through Contact Us section from home page of
12. Customers will be given and have option to accept or deny the offer of Nirvig before availing the service.
13. Payment to Nirvig should be in favour of "M/s. Nirvig Business Solutions" payable at Chennai only. Payment can also be made through online facility at Details of other available modes of payment can be known from the page Remittance charges if any on any mode of payment have to be beard by clients only unless otherwise expressly agreed by Nirvig.
14. Any other mode of payment and the payment location can be confirmed with Nirvig before remittance. Nirvig is not responsible for any payment made to third party without it being prior confirmed by Nirvig. No claim can be entertained from Nirvig on such wrong remittances.
15. Payment by crossed cheque or demand draft payable at Chennai are requested to dispatch to our Chennai office by a reputed person/courier service or by registered/speed post.
16. "Corporate Cab Management" service does not include arranging cab agents or employees. However, Nirvig may extend of such additional service upon additional fees.
17. "Corporate Cab Management" service is the offer at online facility only. Corporates are requested to make their own arrangements of securities to the employees and cab as Nirvig is no way involved in such physical security measures.
18. Clients will be requested to provide the necessary details to comply with the rules and regulations as in force within India. That may include the details required for statutory purposes.
19. Nirvig will make best effort to provide quality service as always; any errors beyond our control is regretted and no claims of default or reimbursement or what so ever name called accepted on this nature.
20. Nirvig will hold the record of details of client corporates until the expiry or termination of subscription and will destry the soft copies whatsoever available from the server. Nirvig holds no commitment or responsibility of retrieving client's details after the expiry of subscription period.
21. The services agreed to deliver by Nirvig will be executed by any of its branch office /locations / executives. Clients have no option to claim the service from a specific branch / executive unless such offer of choice is given to the clients by Nirvig by a express note.