Bank Reconciliation

Your bank account reconciliation made easy here in just 3 steps

Step 1: Download template files

You need to update the transaction details from bank statement and ledger statement in excel (.xlsx) file and upload into the given link for processing the reconciliation statement.
Click here to download the upload templates. Please refer to the Instructions tab in template files before updating the data.

Step 2: Make online payment

Make the online payment and keep the transaction reference number for key into the next screen. Select the product as "Online Account Reconciliation" in the payment screen. Payments made for other product categories can not be used for bank account reconciliation through online. You can make the payment in multiples of Rs. 500/- for each account reconciliation.
Click here to make the payment online.

Step 3: Upload updated input file

You need to upload the below mentioned details. Keep them ready and Click here to upload them.
1. Online payment reference number with minimum Rs. 500/- balance.
2. Last period Bank reconciliation statement in the format as in template
3. Current period transaction details in the format as in template

You will get the completed bank reconciliation statement as output from the screen at Step 3 above. You will also get a reference number for your reconciliation transaction. The contact details updated at the payment screen will be used for communications.