Nirvig Business Solutions

Terms & Conditions for membership registration and subscription of services and products

Please read the below mentioned terms & conditions details clearly and agree to it before registering for membership and to subscribe the products and/or services offered by Nirvig Business Solutions.

1. Nirvig will verify its member details for assurance of legitimacy and to confirm their membership. Acceptance of a persona as member of Nirvig is at sole discretion of Nirvig. Nirvig at no circumstances bound to accept a person as its member.
2. All of the membership plans are irrevocable by the members during the tenure of the subscription period. However the membership can be revoked by Nirvig on its discretion at any point of time during the subscription tenure.
3. Membership expiry date will be communicated in the initial welcome email and at the login page. Nirvig may or may not send reminder emails / calls to the member for renewal of membership subscription.
4. Renewal of membership is at the interest of the members only. Nirvig will not renew the subscription until the customers make a request to renew. Acceptance of renewal is at sole discretion of Nirvig.
5. Membership subscription fee will be at no circumstances be refunded unless it is cancelled/revoked by Nirvig.
6. Membership will be construed as subscribed only upon successful receipt and acceptance of stipulated fee.
7. Nirvig and its staff are bound to render the products and services in professional manner within the discipline and legitimacy in compliance with the applicable laws of Government. Members are requested to adhere to this compliance while dealing with Nirvig.
8. Please refer to the offer/ advertisement/ or contact us to know the services offered by Nirvig. These charges may vary for each customers based on the nature, service type and the location.
9. The plan names (Silver, Gold and Diamond) are to indicate the level of subscription of the services based on the volume and the level of support required from Nirvig for the services or projects. Descriptive details can be obtained from the Admin team of Nirvig upon mentioning the requirement.
10. Any fee offered by us are subject to increase by the respective taxes as per prevailing rules in India. Fees/ charges are subject to reassessment and negotiation based on the request of members / customers. Fee in actual may be lesser or higher than the offered chart based on each requests. Executives at Nirvig will re-assess and decide the actual fee or charges and that will be informed to the customers well in advance before start rendering the service.
11. Any specific requirements which may or may not be exactly matching with offered service as per our quote, those can be requested directly to Admin Department of Nirvig through Contact Us section from home page of
12. Customers will be given and have option to accept or deny the offer of Nirvig before availing the service.
13. Payment to Nirvig should be in favour of "M/s. Nirvig Business Solutions" payable at Chennai only. Payment can also be made through online facility at Details of other available modes of payment can be known from the page Remittance charges if any on any mode of payment have to be beard by members only unless otherwise expressly agreed by Nirvig.
14. Any other mode of payment and the payment location can be confirmed with Nirvig before remittance. Nirvig is not responsible for any payment made to third party without it being prior confirmed by Nirvig. No claim can be entertained from Nirvig on such wrong remittances.
15. Payment are requested to dispatch to our Chennai office by a reputed person/courier service or by registered/speed post.
16. All the members of Nirvig have a privilege of availing discount on the membership fee from the referral benefit plan.
17. No circumstances can warrant Nirvig to redeem the discount codes in cash or cash equivalents.
18. Customers can avail free membership on any one of the services offered to get remote support of consultation through email. This free service can be availed for a tenure of one year and can be renewed on expiry.
19. Nirvig will make best effort to provide quality service as always; any errors beyond our control is regretted and no claims of default or reimbursement or what so ever name called accepted on this nature.
20. Nirvig will hold the official documents of members or clients until the expiry or termination of membership and will return back to the member or client upon termination. Nirvig holds no responsibility of client's documents if lost after 6 months from the date of expiry of membership.
21. Products / Services agreed to deliver by Nirvig will be executed by any of its branch office /locations / executives. Customers have no option to claim the service from a specific branch / executive unless such offer of choice is given to the customers by Nirvig by a express note.